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Citation II - Florida Flight Center - Courses and Training

Citation II Training at KSRQ: Jan 2021

Covid has certainly taken a toll on many businesses, but it has not affected the desire of Pilots to further their careers; many transitioning out of Piston and Turbo-Props into Jets. Just recently, we had a very experienced First Officer in King Air 350s and Citation Excels, review our CE-525B Type Rating program. You can watch that interview here. Florida…
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CJ3+ Florida Flight Center - Courses and Training

CJ3 & CJ3+ PIC Type Rating Training: Feb 2021

The past few days we have trained several pilots in both the Cessna Citation CJ3 and also the Cessna Citation CJ3+. These aircraft fall under the CE-525B Type Rating but come with different avionics packages. The courses include ground and flight training, as well as avionics training in the Rockwell-Collins Pro Line 21 for the CJ3, and the Garmin G3000…
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Aviation Insurance - Florida Flight Center - Courses and Training

Aviation Insurance: January 2021 Update

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Pro Line Fusion - Florida Flight Center - Courses and Training

Know Your Avionics

Written by: Joshua MariusAvionics / Flight Simulation Team02/8/2021   Every aircraft comes with its own personality: limitations, capacity, range, size, and its own Avionics and Flight Management System. This article will help you identify them, and provide links with information, manuals and other resources. Please contact our team for more information, or training in Avionics in one of our aircraft.…
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