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Every aircraft comes with its own personality: limitations, capacity, range, size, and its own Avionics and Flight Management System. This article will help you identify them, and provide links with information, manuals and other resources. Please contact our team for more information, or training in Avionics in one of our aircraft.


Note: All links and documents were obtained from public records directly from the manufacturer. All sources are listed at the end of this article.


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 GNS Series: GNS 430, GNS 430W, GNS 530, GNS 530W
The WAAS-certified GNS 530W and its slightly smaller sibling, GNS 430W, lead the industry with multitasking, integrated avionics and cutting-edge WAAS navigation. The standard GNS 530W features a 10-watt comm, and for a slightly higher price, GNS 530AW delivers 16 watts of power output. Both versions come with optional Class B TAWS alerting to warn you of potential terrain and obstacle conflicts along your flight path. Source:

Aircrafts: Turbojets, Turboprops, Small aircraft, Helicopters
GNS 430W/430AW Pilot’s Guide and Reference
GNS 530(A) with TAWS Pilot’s Guide and Reference
GNS 530W/530AW Series Pilot’s Guide and Reference
GNS 430W/530W Sample Training Syllabus and Flight Lessons
GNS 430W/430AW Installation Manual
GNS 530W/530AW/TAWS Installation Manual
Training: Flying the Garmin 430/530 – King Schools

Software: 400W/500W Series Trainer

Garmin 400W/500W Series Trainer







GTN Series: GTN 625, GTN 635, GTN 650, GTN 725, GTN 750
Combining the latest in multi-function display (MFD) features with touchscreen data entry and integrated radio tuning – as well as optional remote transponder and audio panel control – the GTN series offers amazing, yet simple-to-use, technology that once again promises to redirect the course of General Aviation electronics. Source:

Garmin GTN Series comparison

Aircrafts: Turbojets, Turboprops, Small aircraft, Helicopters
GTN Series Brochure
Value difference between GTN 650 and GNS 430W
Value difference between GTN 750 and GNS 530W
GTN 625/635/650 Pilot’s Guide
GTN 725/750 Pilot’s Guide
Training: Garmin eCourse, King Schools
Software: PC Trainer for GTN Series

PC trainer for GTN SeriesPC Trainer for GTN Series










GTN Xi Series: GTN 625Xi, GTN 635Xi, GTN 650Xi, GTN 725Xi, GTN 750Xi
The next generation of in-flight navigation technology has arrived. Our GTN 650Xi and GTN 750Xi—the fourth generation of GPS/NAV/COMM solutions—are designed as a direct slide-in upgrade to the previous generation GTN 650/750, allowing pilots to preserve their panel and modernize the cockpit at the same time. The all-in-one GPS/NAV/COMM boasts a feature-rich multifunction display and can integrate with new or existing remote-mount equipment such as a transponder or audio panel. Dual-core processors and modern hardware also prepare the GTN Xi series for advanced capabilities in the future.  Source:

Aircrafts: Turbojets, Turboprops, Small aircraft, Helicopters
GTN Xi Series: Fourth Generation GPS/NAV/COMM Solutions
GTN 650 Xi / 750X Pilot’s Guide
GTN Xi Series Maintenance Manual
Wireless Database Concierge Update Guide
Training: Sporty’s Garmin GTN Essentials eLearning Course
Software: PC Trainer for GTN / GTN Xi Series

PC Trainer for GTN/ GTN Xi Series

GTN Xi Comparison Tabel

GTN Xi Series


G1000: G1000, G1000 NXi
The G1000 is an all-glass avionics suite designed for OEM or custom retrofit installation on a range of business aircraft. It is a seamlessly integrated package that makes flight information easier to scan and process. Its revolutionary design brings new levels of situational awareness, simplicity and safety to the cockpit. The next-generation G1000 NXi system takes the industry’s most trusted glass flight deck platform to a new higher level of performance and capability. It combines added processing power with brighter, smoother high-resolution displays, advanced features and built-in growth provisions — offering a clear path for OEMs and qualified engineering facilities to design, install and certify the “best and brightest” in integrated systems for their aircraft.

Our Aircrafts: Citation Mustang, Phenom 300, King Air Series, and more…


Garmin Introduces G1000 NXi
G1000 NXi Upgrade for Citation Mustang
G1000 NXi Certified for Embraer Phenom 300
G1000 NXi Flight Deck Upgrade: King Air
Cessna Citation Mustang G1000 Integrated Flight Deck Pilot’s Guide
Embraer Phenom 300 – Prodigy Flight Deck Pilot’s Guide
Beechcraft King Air 200/B200 G1000 Integrated Flight Deck Reference Guide
G1000 Pilot’s Training Guide / Instructor’s Reference

Training: Kingschools: Flying the Garmin G1000
Software: Trainers from Garmin are available for each individual aircraft

Garmin G1000


Citation Mustang sample LRUs Configuration (Line Replaceable Units) – This configuration varies by Aircraft

• GDU 1040A Primary Flight Display (PFD)

  • GDU 1500 Multi Function Display (MFD)
  • GIA 63W Integrated Avionics Unit
  • GDC 74B Air Data Computer (ADC)
  • GEA 71 Engine/Airframe Unit
  • GRS 77 Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS)
  • GMU 44 Magnetometer
  • GMA 1347D Dual Audio System with Integrated

Marker Beacon Receiver

  • GTX 33/33D Mode S Transponder
  • GDL 69A Satellite Data Link Receiver
  • GWX 68 Weather Radar
  • GCU 475 MFD Control Unit
  • GMC 710 AFCS Control Unit
  • GTP 59 Outside Air Temperature (OAT) Probe
  • GA 56A and GA 57 GPS/WAAS Antennas
  • GSA 80 and GSA 81 AFCS Servos
  • GSM 85A Servo Gearboxes



The G3000 system is the first touchscreen-controlled glass flight deck ever designed for light turbine aircraft. This digital avionics suite revolutionizes the interface between pilots and electronics: Streamlining menu structures. Eliminating visual clutter. Replacing a whole host of mechanical knobs, buttons and selector switches. What’s more, by centralizing data entry in one easy-to-access location, G3000 takes flight deck management to a whole new level — giving pilots more focused control with less wasted motion and effort. In short, your fingertips have never touched anything quite like this. Source:

Our Aircrafts: Phenom 300, Citation M2, Citation CJ3+
Phenom 300E Gets Upgraded Avionics: G3000
Cessna Citation CJ3+ Receives Certification: G3000
Cessna Citation CJ3+Brochure
M2 Model 525 G3000 Avionics System
G3000 Integrated Avionics System Adjustment/Test
Training: G3000 Essential Web Based Courseware
Software: Trainers from Garmin are available for each individual aircraft

Garmin G3000

Garmin G3000


Honeywell Aerospace


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Software and Support Tools
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Honeywell Aerospace Blog
Repair Information
Cockpit Systems and Displays


Primus 1000
The Primus 1000 Integrated Avionics System is a fail-passive autopilot / flight director and display system with horizontal and vertical flight guidance modes. These include all radio guidance modes, long range navigation system tracking modes, and air data vertical modes. Either flight director can be coupled to the autopilot. Source:

Our Aircrafts: Cessna Citation 550 / 560 – Citation Bravo, Citation Encore, Citation Encore+, Citation Excel, Citation Ultra, Citation XLS, Citation XLS+
Citation Encore Primus 1000 Integrated Avionics System Pilot’s Manual
FMZ-2000 Flight Management System (FMS)
FMZ-2000 Pilot’s Operating Manual
Honeywell EFIS Cockpit Layout

Honeywell Primus 1000


Universal Avionics


Useful links:
Navigation Database Subscription
Customer Support
Service Center Locations
Technical Publications
Frequently Asked Questions



Since introducing the industry’s first multi-sensor FMS (the UNS-1) in 1982, Universal Avionics has continually taken the industry forward with a pilot-focused vision of flight management. Today’s SBAS-capable FMSs build upon the company’s popular market proven product design, offering more advanced features and interfaces, and a growth path to meet the requirements of the future. Source:

Our Aircrafts: Cessna Citation 550 / 560 – Citation Bravo, Citation Encore, Citation Encore+, Citation Excel, Citation Ultra, Citation XLS, Citation XLS+
UNS-1 Generations / Versions: UNS-1E, UNS-1F, UNS-1L, etc
SBAS-FMS Brochure
Operator’s Training manual for UNS 1Ew, 1Espw, 1Fw and 1Lw
SCN 802 / 902 – UNS-1C+, UNS-1Cs+, UNS-1D+, UNS-1E, UNS-1Esp, UNS-1F, UNS-1L, UNS-1K+ Operator’s Manual

Universal UNS-1 Avionics

Dual UNS-1B/ UNS-1D FMS Config


Collins Aerospace

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Database Subscription Information
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Customer Support
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Pro Line 21
For efficient aircraft operations you must get the most from your aircraft. The Pro Line 21 integrated avionics system is designed to enhance a wide range of business and commercial and military aircraft. With large, crystal-clear LCD displays and state-of-the-art functionality, it expands aircraft capabilities and improves situational awareness at every phase of flight. And it’s designed to support the latest standards and support the upcoming ADS-B Out mandate. Source:

Our Aircrafts: Citation CJ1+, Citation CJ2+, Citation CJ3, Citation CJ4, Citation Encore+, Citation XLS+, King Air B200
Proline 21 Upgrade for Beechcraft King air
Proline 21 Selected for CJ3
Navigation Database and SCID Identification: Pro Line 21
List of Applicable Flight management Computer (FMC) Part Numbers SCID
IFIS-5000 Operator’s Guide
FMS-3000 Operator’s Guide
Pro Line 21 IFIS Unit Troubleshooting
Frequently Asked Questions

Proline 21

IFIS-5000 Block Diagram

Collins Avionics


Pro Line Fusion
With the Pro Line Fusion integrated avionics system, advanced situational awareness and flexible and intuitive decision-making tools combine with total connectivity to enhance the safety, efficiency and predictability of every mission – for business and commercial aircraft as well as military platforms. Available features, such as the industry’s first touch-control primary flight displays, integrated head-up vision systems and powerful weather threat detection, help pilots fly with precision anywhere, anytime. Source:

Our Aircrafts: Citation CJ1+, Citation CJ2+, Citation CJ3, King Air B200
Pro Line Fusion upgrade for Citation CJ1+, CJ2+ and CJ3
Pro Line Fusion Citation CJ3 Brochure
Textron: Upgrade your CJ3 with Pro Line Fusion
Pro Line Fusion upgrade for King Air
King Air Fusion Retrofit Upgrade Eligibility

Pro Line Fusion

Pro Line Fusion

King Air Avionics


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