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Benefit of ON-SITE and IN AIRCRAFT Training

Congratulations to Brad and Steve for successful completion of CE-551 Recurrent Training and Baron G58 Initial Training! Because of our proven accelerated training methods, both trainings for both pilots were completed in less than one week ON-SITE and IN AIRCRAFT. The training event was prompted by the acquisition of both aircraft to better suit their […]

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CJ Type Rating and Stand-Alone FAA Pilot Certificate

Congratulations to Gerry and John (from the UK) for successful completion of their CJ Type Rating! In addition to the CE-525 Type Rating, we were able to guide Gerry through the process and training to convert his foreign based pilot certificate to a stand-alone FAA Pilot Certificate. For many foreign pilots, this can be a […]

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One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to training

At Florida Flight Center we get asked a lot of questions, both technical and operational as students begin their training for certification. To help you understand what to expect during your flight training(s) we have created this series of blogs addressing our most common questions. We hope the information is helpful and if you have […]

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Florida Flight Center — Student

Marc Mosier

Professional Pilot

Florida Flight Center’s owner Luis Savigne has proven to us in deed that his personalized one-on-one approach to jet flight training in the real airplane was an efficient and pleasant way of taking the dreaded checkride. We’ll be back.

CE-500, ATP, CFII, EMB-500, CE-525S, IA-JET
Florida Flight Center — Student

Michael Lenhart

Business Owner

Its been a couple days since my check ride and want to thank you for getting me ready for the check ride. I had zero jet time and you taught me in a manner that made it fun, so much better then the simulator schools that I had been going to. What a difference doing it in the plane made on check ride day.

CE-500, EMB-500
Florida Flight Center — Student

Len Morris

Business Owner

The entire team did a great job training me for my Citation 500 Single Pilot Type Rating. They worked with my schedule and pushed me for excellence all along the way. I was very well prepared for the checkride and it went well because of the excellent training and materials.


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