Cessna Citation Jet CE-525

Ground School
Flight Training
Certificate of Completion


Initial PIC Type Rating
5 Days
PIC Recurrent Training
2 - 3 Days
Second in Command Type Rating
3 Days
Second in Command Recurrent Training
2 - 3 Days


This course adds a CE-525 or CE-525 (S) Type Rating to a pilot’s existing certificate. This allows the holder to act as pilot in command of all Cessna Citation CE-525 series aircraft (also referred to as CJ, see all aircraft types covered by the CE-525 Type Rating below). Our course consists of a comprehensive ground school, flight training and prep for the oral and practical test. All training is personalized to your individual needs and skill level. The ATP Type Rating Practical Test Standards for multi engine airplanes defines the tasks to be demonstrated.

All flight training is conducted in aircraft. Training is conducted in your aircraft. Depending on availability, there may be an option to lease a CE-525 aircraft at one of our training centers. At Florida Flight Center, we realize everyone has their CJ set up the way they like it. Therefor, training in your aircraft will prepare you to fly your specific set up and achieve mastery of your aircraft. In addition, our instructors have vast experience flying CJ’s and can provide you with real world scenarios. Your instructor can either travel to your location and conduct training at your home base, or you can travel to one of our training locations.

The CE-525 Type Rating and CE-525(S) Type Rating require a checkride conducted by an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE). We work with several DPE’s throughout the country that can perform your checkride. Depending on where your training is conducted, we will match you with the best DPE option available. Learn more on what to expect from the flight exam and how to reduce test-day nerves.

You can complete the Initial Training Course in as little as 5 days. Training can be accelerated by completing our instructor-supported home study course. Learn more on what’s included in your training with Florida Flight Center. After successful completion of our course, your pilot certificate will be reissued with the CE- 525 Type Rating. Most noteworthy, you can earn the CE-525(S) Type Rating by completing the checkride to single pilot standards.


The CE-525 PIC Recurrent Training Course satisfies the annual recurrent training requirements mandated by insurance underwriters, and the 61.58 Pilot Proficiency Exam dictated by FAR 61.58(a). The CE-525 Recurrent Training course covers all models of the CE-525 series, often referred to as CJ, and also includes the Citation M2.

This course consists of a two day aircraft systems review, followed by one day of flight training, in preparation for the 61.58 PPE (pilot proficiency exam) administered by an FAA Designated Examiner. Tasks to be demonstrated are the same as the CE-525 Type Rating Course, as per the ATP Practical Test Standards for multi engine airplanes.


The CE-525 Second in Command Type Rating training course adds a CE-525 Type Rating to a pilot’s existing certificate. Therefore allowing the holder to act as Second in Command of any Cessna Citation CE-525 Series aircraft.

Our 3 day, all inclusive course, consists of comprehensive Ground and Flight Training to satisfy all FAR 61.55(b)(1) requirements for the SIC TYPE RATING.  In addition, this course includes one flight in a CE-525 series aircraft, performing tasks defined in FAR 61.55(b)(2).

At completion of this course your pilot certificate will be reissued with the CE-525 Type Rating with  “Second in Command Privileges Only” listed under limitations. When you’re ready, you can upgrade to the CE-525 PIC Type Rating.

Second in Command to Pilot In Command Upgrade

If you hold a current CE-525 Second in Command Type Rating, this course will upgrade your SIC Type Rating to a CE-525 Type Rating (removal of “SIC PRIVILEGES ONLY” limitation). Our course consists of a comprehensive aircraft systems review, flight training and prep for the oral and practical test.

You can complete the PIC Upgrade in as little as 3 -5 days.

Course Entry Requirements for CE-525 Type Rating

  • Private, Commercial, or Airline Transport Pilot License
  • Multi-Engine Class Rating
  • Instrument Airplane Rating
  • PIC Recurrent Training requires CE-525/ 525 (S) Type Rating


Aircraft Types Covered by this Type Rating

  • CJ
  • CJ1 / CJ1+
  • CJ2 / CJ2+
  • CJ3/ CJ3+
  • CJ4
  • M2


Training Course Includes

  1. Training Material
  2. Aircraft Checklists
  3. Endorsed 8710
  4. Logbook Endorsements
  5. Certificate of Completion
  6. Biennial Flight Review
  7. Instrument Proficiency Check

Our courses meet and exceed Insurance Underwriters Training Requirements and FAA Type Rating Practical Test Standards.

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