What’s Included in FFC Flight Training

At Florida Flight Center we get asked a lot of questions, both technical and operational as students begin their training for certification. To help  you understand what to expect during your flight training(s) we have created this series of blogs addressing our most common questions. We hope the information is helpful and if you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at

What’s Included in FFC Flight Training?

Instructor-Supported Home Study Course
Once enrolled, a flight instructor is assigned to you and study material is provided by Florida Flight Center (FFC). Course Study Material is presented in a logical order, covering the aircraft and its associated systems. Your assigned training instructor will contact you and provide guidance through your Home Studies. Progress is tracked through chapter quizzes, which will be found at the end of each module.
This method has been proven extremely effective in giving pilots in-training a good understanding of the aircraft and its associated systems, leading to confidence prior to ground school, flight training, and ultimately check rides. In addition, by preparing properly during the Home Study Course, you may be able to reward yourself by significantly reducing the time it takes to complete the Ground School portion of your training.
Ground School
During ground school, your instructor will work with you one-on-one. There are 16 study modules to complete, most of which you will already be familiar with through your Home Studies. Ground school builds on knowledge learned from home study through extensive interaction between you and your instructor.
Flight Training
Upon successful completion of ground school, instructor-led flight training begins. Intensive flight training is two days, which consist of two flight training sessions per day: one session in the morning and one session in the afternoon. Before and after each flight training session, you will work with your instructor pre-briefing and de-briefing the lesson plan, which consists of flight profiles and maneuvers. Repetition during flight training will ensure you master these maneuvers under the guidance of your instructor, as they will need to be demonstrated during the Type Rating Practical Test. You can view videos here of actual flight training.
Most Florida Flight Center students confidently complete the Flight Segment training in 3 hours of flight time: 2 hours for practice and 1 hour for the checkride. For students who want to further refine their skills and build more confidence, additional training hours may be purchased.
Type Rating Practical Test Recommendation
Upon successful completion of both the Ground and Flight Training segments, you will be confident and ready for your flight exam. Florida Flight Center will recommend you to one of several Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE’s) on staff for the Type Rating Practical Test. The Type Rating Practical Test consists of an oral examination followed by the flight exam. This training regimen has proven successful in giving Florida Flight Center graduates a high pass rate on flight examinations.
Florida Flight Center Tuition covers instructor-led home study materials, ground school, and flight training. Not included in the cost of tuition is the cost of the airplane, fuel, and examiner (DPE) exam fee.
Learning to fly a JET doesn’t have to be intimidating. Our goal at Florida Flight Center is to make your training and Flight Exam a fun, exciting, and successful experience!
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