3 Steps to a Successful Check Ride

No matter how many check rides you’ve taken in the past, there is always a level of anxiety. To minimize your anxiety and maximize your chances of performing well on your check ride, here are a few tips to ease your anxiety.
1- Know what to expect.
The actual content of check rides are listed on the FAA Practical Test Standards (PTS). Designated Pilot Examiners (DPE) follow the FAA PTS to conduct the check ride. DPE’s have different philosophies and focus on different areas of the PTS so it would be beneficial to become familiar with PTS. DPE’s are independent contractors and charge fees to conduct check rides.
Anxiety prior to a check ride is often associated by not knowing what to expect and failing to read through the FAA Practical Test Standards is a common mistake that can lead to anxiety. The PTS provides information on how the check ride will be conducted, the examiner’s responsibilities, and the exact standards that you’ll be held to. If you know exactly what to expect, anxiety may be reduced or even eliminated.
2- Be Prepared.
Follow a checklist for what to bring to your check ride. Your anxiety will increase if you arrive at your check ride unprepared. Be sure you bring your pilot logbook with proper endorsements, completed FAA 8710 form, photo ID, passport (recommended), aircraft documents including proof of airworthiness, and any other applicable documents. Organize your materials beforehand to focus your attention on the check ride not paperwork.
3- Take a mock check ride.
A successful mock check ride is a great tool to ease check ride anxiety. It’s often done with a more experienced instructor or a chief pilot at the training facility, such as Florida Flight Center (FFC). Mock check rides serve as means of evaluating applicant’s progress and identify areas of deficiencies that may need improvement. At FFC mock check rides are conducted prior to recommending an applicant for a check ride ensuring our customers have the skills and confidence to complete their check rides smoothly.
So next time you’re about to take off for your check ride plan ahead with Florida Flight Center and relax, you got this!

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