What can I expect from the flight exam?

At Florida Flight Center we get asked a lot of questions, both technical and operational as students begin their training for certification. To help you understand what to expect during your flight training(s) we have created this series of blogs addressing our most common questions. We hope the information is helpful and if you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at
What to expect from the Flight Exam?
The checkride with the DPE consists of two parts, Oral Examination and Flight Test:
DPE Oral Exam (~ 30 min.)
Florida Flight Center thoroughly prepares students to give provide a brief presentation on the major aircraft systems. The presentation will consist of a picture/ diagram of the system and description of its components.
Flight Exam (~ 1 hour)
During the flight exam the student must demonstrate tasks listed on the ATP Practical Test Standards. Students enjoy this portion of the exam as they have already mastered these tasks during training with FFC.
Florida Flight Center typically coordinates your check ride with the DPE and either travels to them or bring them to our training location to conduct the flight exam. If training is conducted at your location we will coordinate with the DPE to schedule your check ride to your convenience.
To learn more on how to reduce test-day nerves read FFC blog, 3 Steps to Minimize Check Ride Anxiety.
Learning to fly a JET doesn’t have to be intimidating. Our goal at Florida Flight Center is to make your training and Flight Exam a fun, exciting, and successful experience!
Flight training doesn’t have to be intimidating, with Florida Flight Center you will
find your training and Flight Exam a fun and exciting experience!

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