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At Florida Flight Center we get asked a lot of questions, both technical and operational as pilots begin their Type Rating Training. To help you understand what to expect during your flight training(s) we have created this series of blogs addressing our most common questions. We hope the information is helpful and if you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at
Is FFC Type Rating Training Conducted in a Simulator or In-Aircraft?
FFC currently offers CE-500 Type Ratings and CE-525 Type Ratings. We’re working on adding the CE-510 Mustang Type Rating and Phenom 300 Type Ratings in the near future. All of Florida Flight Center training is conducted in-aircraft. This has proven to be crucial to the success of students gaining their skills and confidence in a shorter period of time. There are many advantages of in-aircraft training which can be discussed with any FFC instructor. You can also learn more on the benefits of in-aircraft training in FFC blog, Simulator Training vs Aircraft Training.
Training With or Without Personal Aircraft
Although many students wish to train in their own aircraft, many of our students would like to get training prior to the acquisition of their aircraft. Therefore, Florida Flight Center allows students to provide their aircraft or has an aircraft available for dry lease. Please contact Florida Flight Center to check availability of dry lease options by location.
Is Florida Flight Center an insurance industry approved training facility?
Florida Flight Center training courses are insurance industry approved by most aviation insurance underwriters. Occasionally, if your broker is not familiar with FFC, it may be necessary for us to contact your broker and provide him or her with our Training Curriculum to submit to the underwriter for approval.
What if the broker says FFC is not approved?
Not to worry. In this case, we can contact your broker and/or underwriter to resolve this issue. Insurance policies require all pilots to attend Initial and Recurrent Training on a yearly basis. Policies suggest a Simulator Based Training facility or an Underwriter Approved Training Facility, such as Florida Flight Center. Should FFC not be listed in the underwriter’s Approved Training Facility List, getting added to their list and obtaining approval usually takes only a couple of business days.
Flight training doesn’t have to be intimidating, with Florida Flight Center you will
find your training and Flight Exam a fun and exciting experience!

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