Citation II Training at KSRQ: Jan 2021

Covid has certainly taken a toll on many businesses, but it has not affected the desire of Pilots to further their careers; many transitioning out of Piston and Turbo-Props into Jets. Just recently, we had a very experienced First Officer in King Air 350s and Citation Excels, review our CE-525B Type Rating program. You can watch that interview here. Florida Flight Center staff takes all COVID-19 precautions possible to keep everyone safe.

This week, we welcomed Sean Murley, a Certified Flight Instructor at Centennial Aviation Academy, who specializes in the Piper PA-28 Cherokee. Sean is attending the CE-500 PIC Type Rating course at FFC with 3 other pilots. Sean completed ground school and took to the Skies with our Director of Training, Luis Savigne, in a Citation II (Model CE-550). In this preparatory flight, maneuvers such as single engine take-off, go-around, steep turns, and circle-to-land approaches were performed. As somebody transitioning from of a Piston airplane, Sean exceeded all expectations, and we are confident his check-ride will go smoothly.

Citation II


Flight Log: Take-off from KSRQ, Runway 32, final landing in Runway 4









Written by: Joshua Marius

Simulator Program Director

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