Valuable partner needed? FFC can help!

In addition to conducting CE-500/ 510/ 525 Type Ratings and Initial & Recurrent Training on most Turbo Props & Pressurized Pistons, Florida Flight Center can act as a valuable partner to most owners. In recent years, the cost of Citations have come down and this has prompted a wave of turbo prop & piston owners to upgrade into a light jet like a Citation. Some benefits to owning a jet include:
• Safety
• Single Engine Performance
• Able to fly RVSM to avoid weather
• Arrive at destination faster
• Single Pilot Operation
• Entry price point
The other key point that we’ve encountered, is by the time the owner has purchased their new aircraft and come to us to obtain their type rating, they discover the plane that was purchased may not be the right aircraft for the intended missions. Thus a lot of our clients seek our advice and expertise to quickly shift into the right aircraft for their missions (range and weight often being the biggest factors). So here’s how Florida Flight Center recently assisted one of our clients to act as a valuable partner:
• Client owned a Citation 501SP – looking for further range
• We referred the owner to one of our network brokers
• Assisted in selecting a Citation V that would accomplish all mission needs
• Acted as a consultant during the pre-purchase inspection process
• Conducted acceptance and delivery flights: Cross country from Oregon to Miami
• Conducted CE-560 Differences Training (owner & pilot previously obtained their CE-500 Type Ratings with us)
• Provided pilot services for 1st mission: Transport famous Latin Singer Ricardo Arjona from Miami to Guatemala

Watch the video to see a cockpit view of this Citation V landing in the mountains of Guatemala:

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