Enhancing IN Aircraft Training with Simulator/ Avionics Trainers



  1. INTRODUCTION: 2020 is a new year and new decade. In the past, FFC has focused primarily on in aircraft training. While FFC strongly believes there is no substitute for in aircraft training and it’s numerous benefits, we also realize there are benefits to simulator training and other supplemental learning aides. So let’s dive in and recap some of the benefits of in aircraft training and get into some of the new supplemental training being added in 2020
    1. Learn in your aircraft – learn the specific set up. Many legacy aircraft have undergone significant modifications, in particular with avionics. Most sims are equipped with original stock
    2. On site – learn at your home base airport and practice departures and approaches that you will fly on a regular basis
    3. Although modern sims are very good at replicating almost every aspect of the cockpit, it’s still not quite the same as flying the actual aircraft and some pilots never get accustomed to the feel of a simulator
    4. Walk around – most pilots/ people fall into the camp of visual and hands on learning. The walk around is part of the checkride and important step to every preflight
    5. Common myth – “you can’t do that in the aircraft”
      1. Every jet requires a checkride conducted by a DPE or PPE – the examiner follows the FAA form 8410 – every maneuver can and is performed in the aircraft
    6. Lastly, there is no evidence or data to suggest that simulator training is better than in aircraft training. Both have their benefits. In the end, any training or education comes down to the quality and ability of the instructor to relay the information to the pilot in a way that is understandable and useful
  3. SIMULATOR ADDITIONS: starting in late 2019, FFC hired Joshua Marius as the new simulator program manager.
    1. Sims currently working on
      1. Citation Mustang with Garmin G1000
      2. Citation CJ1 and CJ3 with Rockwell-Collins Proline 21
      3. Embraer Phenom 300 G1000 Trainer
      4. Embraer Phenom 300 G3000 Trainer
      5. Honeywell Primus 1000 Avionics Trainer
      6. Citation CJ3 Proline Fusion Avionics Trainer 
      7. Garmin GTN Series Trainers, including: GTN 750, GTN 725, GTN 650, GTN 635 and GTN 625
      8. Garmin GNS and GPS Series Trainers, including GNS 430W, GPS 500W and GNS 530W
    1. A large variety of cockpit mock-up posters, including life sized, with instruments, avionics, electronics, schematics, and emergency equipment diagrams
    2. Benefits – Equipment familiarization, portability, faster transfer of training to the aircraft and improved muscle memory
  5. CONCLUSION: As aircraft become more complex/ advanced and next gen (avionics/ regulations – ADS-B) allow for more aircraft in the skies, pilots must become more skilled with an ever increasing focus on safety and minimizing risks. Yet, a pilot must never forget the basics and good decision making ability. In 2020, FFC plans to build on their expertise with in aircraft training and add in benefits of simulator training, avionics trainers, as well as other supplemental learning aides.
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