CE-500 and CE-525 Type Rating and Testimonial

Congratulations to Eric Sheen for successfully completing both the CE-500 and CE-525 Type Rating! Eric came to us with no prior jet experience. He recently purchased a CJ for business purposes and immediately saw the benefit in being able to conduct 3 separate business meetings in 3 different cities all over FL in the same day. Those same 3 meetings would have previously taken several days to complete.
In addition to flight training, Florida Flight Center can act as a valued business partner. After evaluating some of Eric’s business needs, FFC also recommended looking into a larger aircraft with further range like a Citation V or Ultra for longer trips. Thus Eric decided to add the CE-500 Type Rating as well and is currently looking into an additional acquisition.

Congratulations again to Eric Sheen on this great accomplishment in obtaining both his CE-500 and CE-525 Type Rating! And keep in mind Florida Flight Center goes well beyond just providing your type rating. FFC instructors actively fly the aircraft and can provide tips on owning and managing the aircraft. Many clients contact us after their training and count on Florida Flight Center as a valuable resource. For more information on either the CE-500 Type Rating or CE-525 Type Rating feel free to send us an email to or call us at 941-376-3500.

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