Women in Aviation

Congratulations to Tricia for obtaining the CE-525(S) Type Rating! Training was completed in less than one week ON-SITE and IN AIRCRAFT in a Cessna Citation M2. This was a great accomplishment for Tricia since she is a low time pilot and did not hold any prior Type Ratings. In addition, Tricia passed the checkride to single pilot standards on her first attempt in spite of extremely windy conditions. With the shortage in pilots forecasted over the next 10-15 years in the US and abroad, Florida Flight Center is hopeful that accomplishments like Tricia’s will inspire the next generation of Women in Aviation.
At Florida Flight Center, in addition to personalizing training to your specific needs and skills, we are also able to offer personalized service. FFC offers flexible scheduling options and can conduct the training at your home base or location of your choice. Contact us today to Request a Quote for Jet Type Ratings or Request a Quote on most Pressurized Pistons or Turbo Props.

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