Tara Monk — Aircraft Sales Specialist

FFC is happy to introduce our newest team member, Tara Monks. Many clients have asked us in the past to assist with the purchase or sale of their aircraft and we have listened.

Tara has over 18 years of medical sales and management experience and has won numerous awards for both leadership and performance. She has been recognized for her strong relationship building skills with clients as well as team collaboration. Before transitioning into the business industry, Tara taught and managed a postgraduate degree program at a university.

At Florida Flight Center, Tara plans to utilize her consultative selling skills to meet the needs of pilots looking to acquire or sell their aircraft. Her goal for the acquisitions department is to provide added services to FFC clients while maintaining transparency throughout the process. While originally from Atlanta, Tara has called Tampa Bay home for more than 13 years.

Benefits of Working with FFC and Tara

  • Expert consultation to determine right aircraft for individual’s mission
  • Can provide performance and cost comparative data
  • Identification of on market and potentially off-market options
  • Negotiation with seller or seller’s broker
  • Step by step guidance through pre-purchase, inspection and repairs, test flights, identifying deferral fees
  • Established relationships with Embraer and Cessna service centers
  • Relationships with paint and interior craftsman
  • Buyer can partner long term with FFC for re-certifications and upgrades
  • The benefit of listing- national and local network through an expert broker

Acquisition and Consulting


Market Research Services
Consulting for the purpose of determining the proper aircraft for client or other aviation needs. This would include developing a plan for the correct aircraft type, operating budget, market analysis, funding options, and insurance quotes.

Aircraft Procurement 
The service will include all aspects of inquiring about known aircraft for sale as well as contacting and searching “off-market” aircraft.

  • FFC will oversee the entire process from the first call to the closing.
  • FFC will be present as needed for logbook reviews.
  • FFC will oversee pre-buy inspections.

In addition to procurement, FFC will include the following services.

  • Relocation of aircraft
  • Paint oversight
  • Avionics oversight
  • Additional modifications

Procurement to FL410/ Full Service Package
In addition to procurement and Modernization and refurbishment, FFC will include the following services to establish a complete TURN KEY flight operation.

  • Advanced flight training
  • Specific type rating if needed
  • Navigation subscription
  • Negotiate and secure hangar space

A la Carte Services
We are proud to provide customized services to all of our clients. Whatever your needs, we can assist you and ensure a smooth and clear experience throughout the entire process.

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