Piper Meridian Initial Training: Personalized for Today’s Busy Pilot

Congratulations to Michael, Jonathan, Jamie, and Roy for successful completion of the Piper Meridian Initial Training Course (PA-46-500TP). The training event was prompted by the acquisition of the Meridian to better suit their needs for short trips around TX where they are based.

At Florida Flight Center (FFC), we strive to understand our client’s needs so that we can offer the best solutions. As is often the case, Initial Training on a specific make & model aircraft is generally prompted by a new acquisition. The TX-based group traveled to our home base at KSRQ. The instructor began with the ground school portion of the Piper Meridian Initial Training. Upon completion of ground school, the instructor traveled to Ft. Lauderdale with a group. The aircraft was purchased from Premier Aircraft Sales located at KFXE. As an additional service, FFC assisted with the acceptance flight and pre-purchase inspection. After a successful closing, the instructor commenced the flight training portion of the Piper Meridian Initial Training on the return to Sarasota. The training was successfully completed in Sarasota for the group. As a final service offered during this training event, the instructor provided additional training & support during the delivery flight to the aircraft’s home base in TX.
At FFC, we also strive to make the entire training event a positive experience. We understand the process of acquisition and training on a new aircraft can be extremely challenging and frustrating. As we all know, things don’t always go as planned. You can count on Florida Flight Center to act as a valued partner and provide the flexibility needed to get things done properly. And of course, we like to make things fun and enjoyable. During a fuel stop in New Orleans on the delivery flight to TX, our Director of Training demonstrates what can happen if training is not personalized.
Florida Flight Center would also like to thank Fred and his staff at Premier Aircraft Sales at KFXE for providing superior service. FFC works closely with many brokers across the country. The preparation & presentation at Premier was one of the best we’ve encountered.
At Florida Flight Center, in addition to personalizing training to your specific needs and skills. We are also able to offer personalized service. FFC offers flexible scheduling options and can conduct the training at your home base or location of your choice. Contact us today to Request a Quote for your upcoming training needs on most Pressurized Pistons or Turbo Props.
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