Phenom 300 Training Class: January 20, 2020

We have the first class of 2020 for Phenom 300 Training scheduled to start on January 20, 2020 at KSRQ.

The following Phenom 300 Training Courses will be offered:

  • [wd_hustle id=”36″ type=”popup”]EMB-505 Type Rating[/wd_hustle]
  • [wd_hustle id=”35″ type=”popup”]EMB-505 Recurrent Training[/wd_hustle]
  • [wd_hustle id=”34″ type=”popup”]EMB-505 SIC Type Rating[/wd_hustle]

Training will be conducted in a Phenom 300 equipped with G1000 Avionics. Limited slots available.

Request a Quote or reserve your slot today at 941-376-3500/ 954-290-1357!

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