Benefit of ON-SITE and IN AIRCRAFT Training

Congratulations to Brad and Steve for successful completion of CE-551 Recurrent Training and Baron G58 Initial Training! Because of our proven accelerated training methods, both trainings for both pilots were completed in less than one week ON-SITE and IN AIRCRAFT. The training event was prompted by the acquisition of both aircraft to better suit their missions.
At Florida Flight Center (FFC), we strive to understand our client’s needs so that we can offer the best solutions. As is often the case, Initial Training on a specific make & model aircraft is generally prompted by a new acquisition. In addition, many owners/ companies may have more than 1 aircraft in their fleet to meet the different mission needs, similar to Brad and Steve. Most of FFC’s instructors are qualified on most light jets, turbo props, and pressurized pistons. It is a great benefit for our clients since we can have our instructor travel to your home base to conduct the training ON-SITE and IN AIRCRAFT. Thus, if you have 2 different models of aircraft, FFC can complete both trainings during the same training event at an accelerated pace. Lastly, if you have multiple pilots that need training, it can be very cost-effective to have FFC conduct the training on-site and in aircraft since it will minimize travel expenses.

At FFC, we also strive to make the entire training event a positive experience. We understand the process of acquisition and training on a new aircraft can be an extremely challenging and frustrating. As we all know, things don’t always go as planned. You can count on Florida Flight Center to act as a valued partner and provide the flexibility needed to get things done properly.

At Florida Flight Center, in addition to personalizing training to your specific needs and skills, we are also able to offer personalized service. FFC offers flexible scheduling options and can conduct the training at your home base or location of your choice. Contact us today to Request a Quote for Jet Type Ratings or Request a Quote on most Pressurized Pistons or Turbo Props.

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