Florida Flight Center has expanded its services offering to now include Aircraft Acquisition and Consulting, Listings, Aircraft Management and Pilot Services.

At Florida Flight Center (FFC), we strive to understand our client’s needs to offer the best solutions and resources available. With that in mind we launched  a new division of services. 
FFC Acquisition and Consulting division helps you navigate the aircraft procurement process from beginning to end, including and not limited to market research, contract and closing negotiations, log book reviews and pre-purchase inspections. Services also include oversight of refurbishment and modernization, relocation, paint, avionics and any additional modifications the aircraft may require. They also offer turnkey and a la cart services. To learn more about these services please visit the Acquisition and Consulting page.  
The unique and personal way we treat our clients is what defines us as leaders in the market.  We realized that our way of doing business is of great value to many segments of this industry and our knowledge and expertise could be a great asset to those seeking not only to acquire an aircraft, but also looking to build a trustworthy relationship with professionals that can provide the concierge services we offer. 
We also incorporated Listings on our site, where potential buyers can explore what’s in the market and owners can place their listings.   
In addition to these, we also launched an Aircraft Management division, which includes Aircraft Partnering and Fractional Aircraft Ownership programs, as an alternative and creative way to distribute the expenses associated with sole ownership.  
With our fractional ownership management program, politics and interaction is minimized. You’ll be splitting capital and on-going expenses with others like you without the hardship associated with sole ownership. 
We also incorporated a new and more comprehensive team to provide Pilot Services, which includes mentoring/ SOE, acceptance and delivery flight and a wide range of on-demand offerings.  

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