Florida Flight Center now offers CE-650 Type Rating & Pilatus PC-12 Training


Florida Flight Center (FFC) is pleased to announce we have expanded our service offerings. FFC now offers the Cessna Citation CE-650 Type Rating and the Pilatus PC-12 Training.
The CE-650 Type Rating covers the following aircraft:

  • Cessna Citation III
  • Cessna Citation VI
  • Cessna Citation VII

The following courses are being offered on the CE-650 Type Rating:

FFC continues to grow it’s course offering on the Cessna Citation line. We recognize many of our clients change aircraft on a regular basis to meet their different mission needs. FFC wants to offer flexible options for a seamless transition during the acquisition phase and all the way through training. To request a quote for training, please click here.
In addition to the CE-650 Type Rating, FFC is also pleased to add the Pilatus PC-12 to our Turbo Prop Course offerings. The following courses are now being offered:

FFC recognizes the incredible versatility and popularity of the Pilatus PC-12. To request a quote for Initial or Recurrent Training on the Pilatus PC-12, please click here.

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