CE-500 Type Rating myth or not: Engine failure at V1 only in a simulator?

Actually, in this video you will see one of our instructors conducting a lesson plan during a flight training (CE-500 Type Rating) session in a Citation 550 Bravo.
Maneuver: Engine Fire or Failure at V1

  1. The #1 engine is failed at V1 108 Kts. IAS
  2. Trainee continues the takeoff roll at V2 114 Kts. IAS to 400 ft. agl.
  3. At 400 ft. as aircraft accelerates through V2 + 10, flaps are retracted
  4. Aircraft is accelerated to Vner 145Kts and climbs to traffic pattern altitude 1500 agl.
  5. Reaching 1500 ft. agl., the after takeoff engine fire or failure checklist is completed.

This is one of several maneuvers that will be performed when you obtain your CE-500 Type Rating at Florida Flight Center. Learn more about obtaining a CE-500 Type Rating here.

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