CJ4 Recurrent: Training for Today’s Pilot

Congratulations to John for successful completion of his CJ4 Recurrent Training! John owns a very successful company and did not have a lot of time to waste. Florida Flight Center (FFC) coordinated all aspects of training and logistics around the dates that were convenient for John. FFC had our instructor, Erik Aibel, travel to John’s home base and conducted all training on-site. As it turns out, since FFC has a good network of FAA examiners we work with, John was able to hop over to the next town to conduct his checkride. CJ4 Recurrent Training and the checkride were completed in less than 2 days.
CJ4 Type Rating
At Florida Flight Center, we conduct initial and recurrent training starting from pressurized pistons, to most turbo props, as well as Type Ratings on Citations like the CJ4. Regardless of what aircraft you fly, it is our goal to provide the best customer service experience. The demands of today’s pilot continues to increase and we realize your time and availability are limited. We want your training to be enjoyable so that you are relaxed and able to absorb the information in a positive way. This results in your ability to demonstrate proficiency in the aircraft.
download_20160916_213817CJ4 Type RatingCJ Type Rating

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