CJ2+ Initial Type Rating at Galaxy FBO

Congratulations to Dirk for successful completion of his CJ2+ Initial Type Rating. Dirk already held multiple type ratings with over 10,000 hours of flight experience and had very limited time for training since he owns a very successful business. With very short notice our instructor headed out to Dirk’s FBO, which he owns in Houston, Galaxy FBO at KCXO, to conduct the training ON-SITE and IN AIRCRAFT. As to be expected, Dirk was a pro and our instructor tailored the course to his needs. We prepared Dirk to fully understand the CJ2+, it’s systems, and also to the specific plan of action to be expected from the examiner. Dirk passed the checkride with no problem and later commented on our training and the examiner….”as expected, no surprises”. CE-525 Type Rating
Galaxy FBO is a beautiful new facility and the hospitality of the staff was first class. They have a wonderful Café with excellent food that overlooks the tarmac. It was a great location to conduct the training. So if you plan to fly through TX, or coming from out of the country (they have a US Customs facility at KCXO), we highly recommend stopping by Galaxy FBO.
Galaxy FBO
The benefit of training with Florida Flight Center is that all training will be conducted in an actual CJ. We do not use simulators. Our instructors are active and currently fly the aircraft on a regular basis. Training can be completed in 4-5 days. We specialize in personalized training that allows for flexibility in scheduling and location.
OUR MOTTO: We do things right and we do things right the first time. NO surprises, just exceptional service!
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