CJ Type Rating and Stand-Alone FAA Pilot Certificate

Congratulations to Gerry and John (from the UK) for successful completion of their CJ Type Rating! In addition to the CE-525 Type Rating, we were able to guide Gerry through the process and training to convert his foreign based pilot certificate to a stand-alone FAA Pilot Certificate. For many foreign pilots, this can be a very challenging process if you do not have the proper guidance.
CJ Type Rating
If  you are a foreign based pilot and seeking a Type Rating to fly a US “N” Registered aircraft, please call via WhatsApp or Skype +1954-290-1357 to assist you through the process. Note the process for the Verification of Authenticity usually takes 3 months to complete and TSA can typically take 2-4 weeks to receive final approval. You can also learn more at


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