Citation SII Recurrent Training Single Pilot

Congratulations to Lt Col (ret) Robert “Bam Bam” Martyn on successful completion of his Citation SII Recurrent Training Single Pilot! This is now the 3rd year Bob has completed his training with Florida Flight Center.  Bob flew F-15’s for many years in the military and is now the President of Fregata Systems. At Florida Flight Center we work with all levels of experienced pilots from someone like Bob to the pilot who has no prior jet experience. Our goal at Florida Flight Center is to provide personalized training that meets your needs and we wanted to share some kind words from Bob:
Once again Florida Flight Center optimized my training in an extremely professional and effective manner.  Luis’s skill as an instructor helped me tremendously as he has outstanding systems knowledge and up to date information of FAA check ride nuances including specific new stall recovery procedures and techniques.  Additionally, the benefit of their professional approach helped me beyond the flight training as an aircraft owner/ operator as Luis’s in depth industry knowledge provided maintenance advice, fuel card information, market updates and acquisition guidance over the training course period.  Great training done in the right environment; I very strongly recommend Luis and Florida Flight Center whatever your Citation experience level may be.”
Thanks to Lt Col (ret) Robert “Bam Bam” Martyn for the kind words. Again, congratulations on obtaining your Citation SII Recurrent Training Single Pilot!

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