Citation M2 Recurrent Training: Personalized for Today’s Busy Pilot

Congratulations to Fernando for successful completion of his CE-525(S) Recurrent Training, conducted in his Citation M2 at KOPF. Fernando was looking for an alternative option to simulator training that was personalized to his skill level and schedule. Fernando lives in Puerto Rico and makes occasional trips to Miami. Florida Flight Center was able to coordinate his Citation M2 Recurrent Training during a recent business trip to Miami. It benefited Fernando since he did not have to relocate the aircraft for training and was completed on an accelerated schedule.

Florida Flight Center would also like to thank Fontainebleau Aviation at KOPF for being a great host. The new facility is first class and the staff was extremely helpful.
At Florida Flight Center, in addition to personalizing training to your specific needs and skills, we are also able to offer personalized service. FFC offers flexible scheduling options and can conduct the training at your home base or location of your choice. Contact us today to Request a Quote for your upcoming training needs.

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