Cessna Citation Jet Training – FAR Part 23/25

  • CE-500 Series aircraft can be certified under FAR part 23 or FAR part 25
  • CE-501SP and the CE-551SP are FAR part 23 certified aircraft. Both of these airplanes may be flown single pilot without a waiver as long as your checkride was completed in one of these aircraft to single pilot standards.
  • The rest of the CE-500 Series aircraft are certified under FAR Part 25. A crew of 2 is required for operation.  Vue, Inc’s single pilot training endorsement is available at our location, which allows for single pilot operation of these airplanes. Vue, Inc’s waiver has no aircraft nor weight limitation, nor is limited for operation in US territory only.
  • CE-525 Series airplanes are all certified under FAR Part 23. A waiver is not required for single pilot operation as long as the pilot possesses the CE-525 (S) Type Rating.
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