Citation Jet CE-500-Precision vs. Non Precision Approach Expert Instruction

Excerpt from E-mail between student pilot and Luis R. Savigne – Director Training Florida Flight Center

Hi Luis,
I want to mention that I think you are doing a fantastic job of teaching.  You truly know how to get the information across and how to develop confidence in your students.
I have a different view of why precision is needed in the Citation Jet.  For a private license, you can almost wander all over the sky while making steep turns, etc.  For the commercial license, I think you work with a 100′ limit for steep turns.  I always thought this was just an arbitrary requirement and once you get to a certain level in your flying, you do it anyway.  For the jet, I thought 50′ in the turns was also just another arbitrary requirement.
After flying the Citation a bit, however, I see that that level of precision is really essential.  The airplane requires that you be doing exactly the right thing all the time and, if you are not doing the right thing, then you need to be close enough to make a correction and get back to the right thing.  Very slippery.
After yesterday I feel a bit confused.  In the first flight back on Sunday, the Stabilized approach on two engines required you know a couple of speeds and power settings.  For the second flight yesterday, the GPS approach required the approach achieve stability later and the power settings were sometimes by feel with the typical numbers being more or less a guide.
In view of this, I plan to take some time today to review the profiles.  The profiles list the suggested speeds and I plan to annotate the profiles with suggested power settings.  What else do you suggest I study?
I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.
>>>>>Luis R.Savigne <xxxxxxx> wrote:<<<<<
Good feedback.
Learning the skills to master a Jet Aircraft will make you a much safer and skilled pilot. When flying these airplanes you must always plan ahead. Always stay within the guidelines of the flight profiles.
Precision Approach Tips

  • To initial approach fix is assumed you are below 10,000 feet so 250 kts as you get closer to the IAP slow it down to 165-180 Kts.
  • Passing the IAP start slowing down to approximately 165 kts 63-65% power
  • Approach Flaps will decrease speed to approximately 145 Kts
  • One dot above glideslope gear down
  • Glide slope intercept Flaps Land
  • Look for Vref + 10
  • You should be totally stabilized by 1000 ft. ago
  • Cross Threshold at Vref and bring power levers there after


Non Precision Approach Tips

  • Same as above except cross FAF at approximately 145 Kts flaps approach
  • Then gear down GO DOWN
  • You will need a lower N1 power setting since you are only at flaps approach approximately 58%
  • When landing assure, flaps land and follow same procedure as above

Single Engine and Circle to Land procedures are basically the same as Non Precision Approach Procedures

  • Where aircraft is configured with flaps approach and gear down, but flaps land only are used when landing assured

Hope these tips help.
Luis R. Savigne ATP, CFII, MEII
Director of Training Florida Flight Center
Aviation Training and Service Provider Citation Training Center

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