Benefits of Training In Aircraft

Congratulations to Dan Powers and Dale Rose for successful completion of their CE-500 Type Ratings with Florida Flight Center! Dan and Dale were able to conduct the training in aircraft which can offer several benefits.
Dan recently acquired a Citation 501SP and needed to get type rated. Our instructor and FAA Examiner traveled out to their home base in Nebraska to conduct the training and checkride on site and in their aircraft. As an added benefit, our flexible training options allowed Dan and Dale to accommodate a business flight during the training.
Obtaining the CE-500 Type Rating is not an easy process. In aircraft training offers many benefits, especially if is your first Type Rating. By completing the CE-500 Type Rating in aircraft you will not be issued the limitation of Supervised Operational Experience (SOE). In addition, you will get to really know your aircraft and its avionics. A simulator will not always be able to replicate the specific set up in your aircraft.  Learn more about obtaining your CE-500 Type Rating, CE-500 Single Pilot Exemption, or your CE-525 Type Rating with Florida Flight Center. We specialize in accelerated training in aircraft, personalized to your experience level, that works around your busy schedule!

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