20% OFF Second in Command
20% OFF Second in Command Type Rating

Jump start your career today and make yourself more marketable by adding the CE-500 or CE-525 SIC Type Rating. Receive 20% OFF Second in Command Type Rating through the end of August. Get a thorough understanding of jet systems and valuable flight experience in an actual Citation Jet to comply with FAR 61.55 requirements. Upon […]

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International Pilots Seeking the CE-500 Type Rating
International Pilots Seeking the CE-500 Type Rating

Congratulations to Santiago Roth, from Argentina, on completion of his CE-500 Type Rating and upgrade to ATP Pilot Certificate! In the process, Florida Flight Center was also able to assist Santiago in converting his Argentine Commercial Pilot Certificate into a US Stand Alone FAA ATP Pilot Certificate. Santiago is another great success story at Florida […]

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training In aircraft
Benefits of Training In Aircraft

Congratulations to Dan Powers and Dale Rose for successful completion of their CE-500 Type Ratings with Florida Flight Center! Dan and Dale were able to conduct the training in aircraft which can offer several benefits. Dan recently acquired a Citation 501SP and needed to get type rated. Our instructor and FAA Examiner traveled out to […]

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