CE-500 Training
CE-500 Training Class: April 7-10 Special Offer

April 7-10 at KSRQ: Special 15% Off Tuition Discount on: CE-500 Recurrent Training CE-500 SPE Recurrent Training CE-500 SIC Initial Type Rating We will have an FAA Examiner on site. Bring your CE-500 aircraft or you can dry lease one of our well equipped CE-500 aircraft. No need to relocate the aircraft for the checkride. […]

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Phenom 300 Type Rating
Phenom 300 Training Class March 20th

We have a new class for Phenom 300 Training scheduled to start on March 20th at KFXE. Phenom 300 Training Courses offered: EMB-505 Type Rating EMB-505 Recurrent Training EMB-505 SIC Type Rating Training will be conducted in a Phenom 300 equipped with G3000 Avionics. Limited slots available. Request a Quote or reserve your slot today […]

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Phenom 300 Type Rating
Phenom 300 Recurrent Training: 2 slots remaining this weekend!

We have 2 slots open this weekend, February 18-19, for Phenom 300 Recurrent Training. Location will be in Ft. Lauderdale, FL at KFXE. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone seeking their Phenom 300 Recurrent Training since the aircraft will be positioned at KFXE over the weekend and you will not require relocation of the […]

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