CJ4 Recurrent Training
CJ4 Recurrent: Training for Today’s Pilot

Congratulations to John for successful completion of his CJ4 Recurrent Training! John owns a very successful company and did not have a lot of time to waste. Florida Flight Center (FFC) coordinated all aspects of training and logistics around the dates that were convenient for John. FFC had our instructor, Erik Aibel, travel to John’s […]

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20% OFF Second in Command
20% OFF Second in Command Type Rating

Jump start your career today and make yourself more marketable by adding the CE-500 or CE-525 SIC Type Rating. Receive 20% OFF Second in Command Type Rating through the end of August. Get a thorough understanding of jet systems and valuable flight experience in an actual Citation Jet to comply with FAR 61.55 requirements. Upon […]

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International Pilots Seeking the CE-500 Type Rating
International Pilots Seeking the CE-500 Type Rating

Congratulations to Santiago Roth, from Argentina, on completion of his CE-500 Type Rating and upgrade to ATP Pilot Certificate! In the process, Florida Flight Center was also able to assist Santiago in converting his Argentine Commercial Pilot Certificate into a US Stand Alone FAA ATP Pilot Certificate. Santiago is another great success story at Florida […]

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