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Pilot Mentoring / SOE

Whether you have completed your training with us in aircraft or have been to one of the big 3 simulator schools, you may not feel comfortable in the aircraft yet. Or if you obtain  your 1st Type Rating in a simulator, you will issued a restricted type rating and be required 25 hours of Supervised Operational Experience (SOE). Or in other cases, your insurance company may require additional dual instruction.

Initial training or an initial type rating is primarily focused on abnormal elements required for the check ride, not normal operations or specific model piloting techniques.  We can help you get the most from your investment with practical operational experience personalized to you and your aircraft.

Areas of concentration include:

  • Preflight Planning
  • Cabin Equipment
  • Navigation Databases Updates
  • Flight Planning with the FMS
  • Specific Avionics Package familiarization
  • Optimum Cruise profiles

Consider acquiring initial operating training through the FFC Pilot Mentoring Program.  All of our instructors at FFC are active and current on the specific make & model. They have experience in all FMS systems in new and legacy aircraft that can be shared with you in real world scenarios.  Our Pilot Mentoring Program can be personalized to fit your needs: from riding along with you and your pilots, to answering operational questions, to providing additional training that your initial simulator training did not cover.  The Pilot Mentoring Program can begin with the delivery flight after acquisition is completed or during normal missions.

Our Pilot Mentoring Program will satisfy SOE (supervised operational experience) requirements set by the FAA and insurance requirements.

Acceptance and Delivery Flight

Acceptance Flight: The acceptance flight test will be completed by one of Florida Flight Center’s qualified pilots/ instructors. The acceptance flight is a critical part of the pre-buy process as it ensures that the Client’s aircraft is doing everything it has been advertised to do. During the acceptance flight, your qualified pilot will perform a series of tests to verify that your aircraft meets or exceeds aircraft performance as listed in the Airplane Flight Manual (AFM). The tests include performance tests for takeoff, climb, cruise, and landing. A checklist will be followed and will assist you in the decision to move forward with the purchase of the aircraft.

Delivery Flight: The benefit of using Florida Flight Center for the delivery flight is the pilot will also be a qualified instructor on the aircraft. This will allow the owner/ operator an opportunity for a preview of what their training will be like. Lastly, if you chose to use Florida Flight Center as your training provider, once the aircraft is delivered, the instructor can transition into training. *Note- delivery and training are two separate events.

Pilot Services - On Demand

FFC offers on-demand Pilot Services for business or leisure trips. The benefit of using an FFC pilot is that he will also be a qualified instructor on the aircraft. FFC can act as your primary or back-up pilot for any occasion.

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