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Scott Nickel

Instructor – Lynchburg, VA (KLYH Training Center)

I grew up in a farming community of Mountain Lake in Southwest Minnesota.  After graduating high school, I enrolled in the University of North Dakota with a plan to Major in Commercial Aviation.  In May of 1999 he graduated from the University of North Dakota with a B.S. degree in Aviation Administration with a Commercial Pilot and Flight Instructor certificate. I received my first job in Aviation before graduation by becoming a flight instructor for the University of North Dakota School of Aeronautics where I taught until October of 2000 where I moved to Lynchburg, VA to become a Flight Instructor and Charter Pilot for Virginia Aviation.

While at Virginia Aviation I became a charter Captain and Chief Flight Instructor in charge of 14 Airplanes and 10 Flight Instructors while rewriting training courses and helping a university get their Aviation program started. I also received my ATP certificate.  In August of 2005, I started working with Falwell Aviation flying as Captain in their corporate jets.  I received type ratings in the CE500 and BE300 continuing to fly with them until April 2011 when I accepted the Chief Pilot position at Virginia Aviation.  I held this position until Virginia Aviation was sold in 2014.  I then became a Contract Pilot flying with Bon Air Brokerage where I received a type rating in the CE-525.  I am currently flying numerous aircraft for the company as well as helping aircraft owners by providing flight instruction to obtain pilot certificates, remain current, or transition to larger aircraft.   In my career, I have accumulated over 7000 of flight time in Single and Multi-Engine aircraft 3 type rating and helped over 50 people earn their pilot certificates.

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