Brandon Morton - Florida Flight Center - Courses and Training

Brandon Morton

Instructor – Danville, KDVK (K Training Center)

As a graduate of Embry-Riddle University, Brandon has had quite a career in his 12-year span in Aviation.  After earning all his ratings in only 9 months in Deland, Florida, he headed back home to Kentucky to begin his career as a flight instructor. Running a flight school in Louisville, he logged over 1000 hours total time in a 15-month period and began flying a Citation SII as a first officer for a part 135 company.  He spent 6 years flying as a copilot and captain in Citation’s, Pilatus’, and King Air’s for two different operators.  In 2011, he co-founded his own flight school and charter company in Lexington, KY.  Brandon is a co-owner, Chief Instructor, Check Airman and Chief Pilot for the KY-based Part 141 training center and Part 135 charter company flying the Cessna CJ series and Phenom 300.

Developing a Part 141 TCO, sections of the 135 training program and establishing the initial cadre check airman program, along with 10 years of corporate/charter flying and 12 years as an instructor, has provided an extensive background to instruct students on all types of aircraft ranging from piston to turbine.  Brandon has a passion for Aviation and looks forward to sharing his learning and experience with all future professional aviators.

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