Meet Our Team

Florida Flight Center: Meet Our Team



Luis R. Savigne ATP,CFI-I,MEI-I

Director of Training

Luis R. Savigne is an experienced 20 year professional pilot/flight instructor, logging over 10,000 hours, of which a majority are in Citation Jet and Turboprop aircraft. He also instructs in the Cessna 300 and 400 series aircraft. In his 20 year career, Mr. Savigne has logged over 8,000 hours as a flight instructor.

Mr. Savigne is the owner of Florida Flight Center located in Sarasota, Florida. In addition to providing flight instruction, he also manages several Citation Jets and Turboprop aircraft for various individuals and companies. Mr. Savigne is viewed as an expert in aviation in his local community, and was recently asked by ABC7 Local News to provide his expert opinion on a crash that occurred in the area.

Mr. Savigne holds an ATP, as well as CFI, MEI Flight Instructor Certificates. He is also Type Rated and instructs in the Citation CE- 500/525 series aircraft.

He is fluent in English and Spanish. As director of flight training for FFC, Luis oversees and coordinates all Type Ratings, Initial and Recurrent courses for pilots all around the US and Latin American countries.

Luis Savigne JR
Luis Savigne JR

Luis Savigne JR 
Director of Sales & Marketing

Luis JR has an extensive background in medical sales and management. He also previously owned a small business during his years spent in Southern California. Luis JR has taken his 15 years of experience and is now applying those valuable skills learned to help run the company. Luis JR’s mission at Florida Flight Center is to assure that all customers have an enjoyable and valuable experience through every step of the process. Luis JR is a Miami native and works remotely. He is also fluent in English and Spanish.



Erik Aibel

Erik S. Aibel
Assistant Director of Training

Erik is a 1985 graduate of Indiana State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Administration and a Bachelor of Science degree in Professional Pilot Technology. After college he started his career as a flight instructor near his home town of Morristown, NJ.

The instructing led to business opportunities that expanded his opportunities to work as a salesperson for a high technology instrument manufacturer and later as a Computer Programmer. Having a strong aviation background Erik always kept a clientele of flight students working towards their certificates and ratings. Erik has been an airline pilot flying for American Eagle Airlines and was a Captain with Sun Air International airline. He provides instructional services to pilots that are training for advanced aircraft at Florida Flight Center. Experience over 7445 hours flying time 2430 hours as a flight instructor Has been a pilot for over 34 years and a flight instructor for over 31 years. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recently recognized Erik Scott Aibel with inclusion in the prestigious FAA Airmen Certification Database.


Kyle Falwell



Kyle Falwell 
Director of Operations – Lynchburg, VA (KLYH Training Center)

Flight Training Now at Lynchburg (KLYH) – Florida Flight Center

Cessna Citation CE-500 and CE-525 Initial Type Ratings, as well as Recurrent Training, are now available at Lynchburg Regional Airport (KLYH) via a joint venture between Florida Flight Center and Bon Air Brokerage. The addition of this Training Center allows pilots to receive their training locally in their private aircraft or in a well-equipped aircraft available at location.

Kyle Falwell is third generation of a family of Aviators and oversees operations at Lynchburg (KLYH). He started flying at the age of nine and has taken to the skies ever since. By the time he was seventeen years old he had received his pilots license and at the age of nineteen he purchased his first aircraft, a Piper PA-28 Warrior.  Kyle holds his Commercial, ATP, Multi-engine licenses and his instrument ratings. He is also type rated in several aircraft with over 5,000 flying hours to date.

Currently, Kyle and his business partners are launching his newest investment; Central Virginia Aerial Solutions where he is co-owner and PIC for the drones. He is a native of Lynchburg, Virginia and currently resides at Falwell Airport with his family.  To most people the sky is the limit, but to Kyle the sky is home.


Scott Nickel

Scott Nickel
Instructor – Lynchburg, VA (KLYH Training Center)

I grew up in a farming community of Mountain Lake in Southwest Minnesota.  After graduating high school, I enrolled in the University of North Dakota with a plan to Major in Commercial Aviation.  In May of 1999 he graduated from the University of North Dakota with a B.S. degree in Aviation Administration with a Commercial Pilot and Flight Instructor certificate. I received my first job in Aviation before graduation by becoming a flight instructor for the University of North Dakota School of Aeronautics where I taught until October of 2000 where I moved to Lynchburg, VA to become a Flight Instructor and Charter Pilot for Virginia Aviation.

While at Virginia Aviation I became a charter Captain and Chief Flight instructor in charge of 14 Airplanes and 10 Flight Instructors while rewriting training courses and helping a university get their Aviation program started. I also received my ATP certificate.  In August of 2005 I started working with Falwell Aviation flying as Captain in their corporate jets.  I received type ratings in the CE500 and BE300 continuing to fly with them until April 2011 when I accepted the Chief Pilot position at Virginia Aviation.  I held this position until Virginia Aviation was sold in 2014.  I then became a Contract Pilot flying with Bon Air Brokerage where I received a type rating in the CE-525.  I am currently flying numerous aircraft for the company as well as helping aircraft owners by providing flight instruction to obtain pilot certificates, remain current, or transition to larger aircraft.   In my career I have accumulated over 7000 of flight time in Single and Multi-Engine aircraft 3 type rating and helped over 50 people earn their pilot certificates.

Phenom 300 Type Rating

Brandon Morton
Instructor – Danville, KDVK (K Training Center)

As a graduate of Embry-Riddle University, Brandon has had quite a career in his 12-year span in Aviation.  After earning all his ratings in only 9 months in Deland, Florida, he headed back home to Kentucky to begin his career as a flight instructor. Running a flight school in Louisville, he logged over 1000 hours total time in a 15-month period and began flying a Citation SII as a first officer for a part 135 company.  He spent 6 years flying as a copilot and captain in Citation’s, Pilatus’, and King Air’s for two different operators.  In 2011, he co-founded his own flight school and charter company in Lexington, KY.  Brandon is a co-owner, Chief Instructor, Check Airman and Chief Pilot for the KY based Part 141 training center and Part 135 charter company flying the Cessna CJ series and Phenom 300.


Developing a Part 141 TCO, sections of the 135 training program and establishing the initial cadre check airman program, along with 10 years of corporate/charter flying and 12 years as an instructor, has provided an extensive background to instruct students on all types of aircraft ranging from piston to turbine.  Brandon has a passion for Aviation and looks forward to sharing his learning and experience with all future professional aviators.


Nick Barrows

Nick started flying when he was very young, and has been passionate about aviation ever since. After earning his license at the age of 17 in 1997, Nick went on to receive his Bachelor of Science in Professional Aeronautics at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, FL. After receiving his instructor certificates, Nick started teaching in Orlando, FL before getting hired as the chief flight instructor for a 141 training facility in Clearwater, FL. Since that time, Nick has been flying and managing multiple aircraft in the Tampa Bay area, but continues to enjoy teaching students both young and old in hopes of both sharing his love for aviation as well as passing it on to others.

Nick blends a strong background in academic ground school training along with real world experience in a corporate environment to prepare his students for a well-rounded education for a successful aviation experience. Whether you are looking for initial or recurrent training, Nick has a strong understanding of what it takes to achieve your goals successfully.

Nick joins FFC as Assistant Chief Flight Instructor and will oversee the CE-500, CE-525 series aircraft division as well as the Turbo Prop and Pressurized division.



Ken Pike

Sam LLorca
Simulator Program Director

Mr. Sam Llorca has many years of experience in the Simulator field. On the week of November 10th 2013, Sam organized and conducted an around the world flight tour as benefit to the All Children Hospital of St. Petersburg Florida.

Participation included over 5 N737NG Simulators in coordination with ATC through VAT SIM, Pilots from many different countries participated and made this an unforgettable event. Sam will be responsible for the organization and operation of Simulator Programs at Florida Flight Center.


Ken Pike

Ken Pike
Flight Instructor

Ken has been a Flight Instructor for 13 years. additional experience include Corporate and Part 135 flight operations.

His duties also include marketing & coordination
of the Second in Command Student program in the Southeast US.


Gary Brown

Gary Brown ATP, CFI, CFII, MEI,
West Coast Student Program Coordinator

Captain Gary V. Brown has been involved in all aspects of aviation for over forty years with 29,000 of flying experience in many types of aircraft from the Pitts Special aerobatic airplane to flying Boeing 727, 737 and 777 on global routes.

Early in his career he realized the importance of flight training and has maintained and used his Flight Instructor certificate at all levels. As his career progressed he provided flight training at flight schools, air charter companies, corporations, and major airline training in the Boeing 737 aircraft. At age 59, Captain Brown took an early retirement option from Continental Airlines.

Mr. Gary Brown joins Florida Flight Center in 2014, he will be overseeing the CE500 SIC Type Ratings in Southwest Florida.


Victor Hugo Guatepozo Escobedo

Capt. Victor H. Guatepozo joins Florida Flight Center as Latin America Director of Training.
He is responsible for further expanding the Latin America business. Mr. Hugo coordinates training of foreign students affairs and training courses making the process smooth and efficient for Florida Flight Center students.