Fractional Ownership FAQ’S

Q. What is “Fractional Ownership or Group Timeshare”?

A. Fractional Ownership or Group Timeshare in our program means ownership of an aircraft. It is dividing the use and expenses of an aircraft into smaller pieces.

Q. Why is Fractional Ownership or Group Timeshare so popular?

A. Some people do not want the expense of whole aircraft ownership. They are not interested in spending all their time in maintenance or justifying it’s existence. They want freedom to fly and Group Ownership provides just that!

Q. Are there different kinds of Fractional Ownership or Group Timeshare?

A. Yes, there are two kinds of timeshare: ownership & non-ownership. Non-ownership is commonly referred to as a “right to use”.

Q. What is “non-ownership timesharing?

A. Non-ownership timeshare is typically a membership in a club or a license to (rent) use an aircraft. There is little or no potential for value increase and no equity growth for payee.

Q. What is “Fractional Ownership Timeshare”?

A. Fractional Ownership Timeshare is ownership as you know it in your own home or car. It is freehold, fee simple type of ownership. You are a stockholder of the corporation registered with a State and the Federal Government.

Q. What type of Fractional Ownership does Florida Flight Center Ownership Program offers?

A. Florida Flight Center is only promoting full ownership.

Q. Do I own it forever?

A. Yes, or until you decide to sell it. You may sell your share at any time. You may ask

any price you want. You may sell it yourself or through our service.

Q. May I will it to my heirs in my estate?

A. Yes.

Q. May I rent it to others?

A. No, not without permission from 2/3 majority approval.

Q. Does a Fractional Timeshare owner have to do any upkeep or maintenance?

A. No, not if the group elects to have FFC manage the group.

Q. Who does all the work?

A. Florida Flight Center can provide all the services.

Q. Who sets the charges?

A. The owners association sets their budget with the assistance of FFC and is voted on at a general meeting. The flight charges and other charges are totally controlled by the Owner’s Association.

Q. When I buy Fractional Ownership Timeshare in an aircraft, how much of that aircraft do I actually own?

A. An equal share is our recommendation.

Q. Can Florida Flight Center arrange financing for prospective buyers?

A. Yes, for those who qualify.

Q. Why is Fractional Ownership Timeshare a “hedge against inflation”?

A. The only cost you have that is affected by inflation is the maintenance, upkeep, fuel, insurance &) the FFC management fee. Although aircraft values could rise, you own the aircraft today and will not pay more as it increases in value!


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