Why Choose Florida Flight Center?

Why choose Florida Flight Center as your resource for Citation Type Ratings?

Florida Flight Center - Offering CE-500 type rating training and more

Florida Flight Center is based in Sarasota Florida, at Sarasota / Bradenton International Airport KSRQ.
The West Coast of Florida, offers a tropical climate that makes it possible to fly all year round in beautiful blue skies and warm temperatures.
Our airport, along with several nearby airports, provide every type of approach and runway required for ease of training. Weather rarely limits our flight activities. We have a professional, courteous, and well experience staff, and our facility is state of the art!

The Citation Jet is an excellent entry level aircraft as well as an efficient and economical alternative to many other heavier and costly jets.

Through this training, you will not only obtain your Cessna Citation Type Rating, but will gain a whole new level of experience and safety.

We offer one-on-one personalized instruction at our location, or should you prefer, one-on-one training in your aircraft can be facilitated on-site at your location as well.

Sarasota is an excellent place to visit and enjoy while training. The area has plenty to offer from world-class golf, to vacation hot spots to beautiful beaches, all just minutes away from our training facility.

We also offer mini vacation getaway training packages, designed for you and your companion to relax and enjoy while you train with us.

Please allow us to make your training a pleasant, unique, and unforgettable experience.


Individualized Flight Training Programs

Luis R. Savigne ATP,CFI-I,MEI-I Director of Training, designs individualized flight training programs based on your aviation goals and needs. His professional and calm demeanor offers the highest level of quality education as well as a pleasant experience through Florida Flight Center courses.

Mentor Pilot for CE-500/CE-525 series, Turbo-Prop & Piston Aircraft

Aircraft owners or pilots that move up to a larger, more complicated aircraft may find their insurance company asking for additional flight experience in specific make and model of aircraft. Florida Flight Center has many well qualified Instructors in many make and model aircraft that will help you grow more confident and competent, while meeting insurance requirements. Our passion for teaching and depth of experience will help you master all aspects of flight, not just technical proficiency. Choose Florida Flight Center as your preferred flight training provider!