Example Of Fractional Ownership

Aircraft Purchase: $60,000.00

Ownership involves loan payment, hangar rental, maintenance & insurance totaling $753.00/month or $9,036.00/year.

This cost divided by 32 days of use per year = $282.38/day. Then add hourly fuel & maintenance reserve @ $23.00 & $40.00 respectively.

Cost per year on 50 hours of flying: $12,186.00


Renting at $6,500.00 for a 50 hour trip, providing the renter would let the aircraft go without a daily minimum.

Cost per year on 50 hours of flying: $6,500.00 with no equity


Florida Flight Center Fractional Ownership Program involves a one time purchase (based on 6) of $10,000.00. Add $150.00/month and $65.00/hour.

Cost first year on 50 hours of flying: $15,050. Second year cost: $5,050.00. And you can still sell your interest any time!

Above figures are based on purchasing an airplane for $60,000.00 and dividing it 6 ways through a Fractional Ownership Timeshare Program.


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