Acquisition and Consulting

Florida Flight Center

Market Research Services

Consulting for the purpose of determining the proper aircraft for client or other aviation needs. This would include developing a plan for the correct aircraft type, operating budget, market analysis, funding options and insurance quotes.

Aircraft Procurement

Aircraft Procurement: The service will include all aspects of inquiring about known aircraft for sale as well as contacting and searching “off market” aircraft.

FFC will oversee the entire process from the first call to the closing.

FFC will be present as needed for log book reviews.

FFC will oversee pre-buy inspections.

Piston single and twin, Turboprop, Light Jet, Med Jet


In addition to procurement FFC will include the following services.

CE-500 Single Pilot Exemption

Relocation of aircraft


Paint oversight


Avionics oversight


Additional modifications

Piston single and twin, Turboprop, Light Jet, Med Jet

Procurement to FL410/ Full Service Package

Procurement to FL410: In addition to procurement and Modernization and refurbishment FFC will include the following services to establish a complete TURN KEY flight operation.


Advanced flight training

CE525 Type Rating

Specific type rating if needed


Navigation subscription


Negotiate and secure hangar space

Maintenance tracking

Overflight permits

Fuel program memberships

Establish a relationship with local maintenance shops

Lease back and shared program options

Short notice pilot replacement as needed

Piston single and twin, Turboprop, Light Jet, Med Jet

A la Carte Services

We are proud to provide customized services to all of our clients. Whatever your needs, we can assist you and ensure a smooth and clear experience throughout the entire process.

ADDITIONAL SERVICES: If you're looking to purchase an aircraft, let our expert acquisition consultants assist you.

Pilot mentoring to satisfy SOE or Insurance requirements

Acquisition Consulting               Pilot Mentoring

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